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My Favourites

As an author, I am asked some questions repeatedly. Sometimes the questions are about my writing process or habits. At other times, readers and aspiring writers ask me what inspires me to write book after book. And then there’s the famous one – do you actually get paid to write? Well, you know the answer to that one – of course, professional writers earn money from their work just as other professionals in creative and other fields. Passion won’t feed our stomachs or our cats.

Today, I am going to list my favourite things because that song (from The Sound of Music) is playing in my head since last night. Here goes:

My favourite animal: Too difficult to choose. I love them ALL.

My favourite dessert: Cheesecake

My favourite cuisine: Mexican

My favourite children’s writer: Beatrix Potter

My favourite Young Adult book series: Sweet Valley High

My favourite children’s book series from my childhood: Bernstein Bears, Amelia Bedelia

My favourite genre to write: children’s and YA

My favourite place to write: Sitting next to one of my cats or in a coffee shop that doesn’t play loud music

My favourite genre to read: children’s and romance

My favourite fiction characters: Nancy Drew, Amelia Bedelia, Tofu and Bertie (44 Scotland Street Series), Bertie and Jeeves (PG Wodehouse)


The End for now 🙂



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