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My Writerly Rituals 

Most professional writers have a daily routine. Some wake up early to write before the other family members demand their attention. Others work later in the day when everyone else is out. And then there are the night owls who love writing when everything else and everyone else is out of the way.

It isn’t just the writing time that defines a writer’s life. There are the other activities that add to the creative process. Call it regular inspiration, if you’d like. Here’s what I do every day (or at least 6 days a week) to keep my writing career going and my passion for it strong.

1) I write in a coffee shop most days of the week. A change in scenery from working at home. Even if it isn’t a book manuscript or editing job, writing a blog post sitting there is fun. Fun because I get to overhear conversations and do people watching for my future stories. 

2) I take a walk in my apartment complex after feeding the cats and before my pre bedtime shower. I love the silence. But I also get a chance to stand for long moments to stare and think about the stars, the trees, the breeze – elements of nature that I mostly run by during the day.

3) I read for a bit before my eyes close for the night. Nonfiction or fiction – anything. It sets my mind for my dreams I think. It relaxes me too.

4) I allow myself a few minutes every day to study writing process and book marketing tips online from other, well established authors. I learn valuable tips and also spot mistakes in my own process. 

5) I scribble in my notebook. My scribbles include ideas of future stories and characters, settings I plan to use, and even my marketing plans for the next book. Plus,  I love a good excuse to buy more stationery.
What are your daily rituals, my fellow writers?

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