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How I Became a Bookworm

Most writers I know, read a lot. The most prolific ones are generally either reading or writing  (when they’re not busy making their cats happy). I’ve been an avid reader since my childhood. My father would try to make me get tons of math books, while I’d insist on getting a storybook instead. Thank you to my mother for supporting me in these cases.

I lot of people ask me how their children can grow up to be bookworms. I say it isn’t easy with the way childhood has changed. Social media has taken over. In the  late 80s and 90s, TV was the worst distraction and we still played outside! But one can still try to contribute to a regular reading habit – because reading helps writing and communication skills and let’s you travel to different worlds too 😃

Here is how I grew up to be this book crazy lady –

1. My main role model, my mom, has always been a bookworm. When I was growing up in the United States, she’d make sure that we spend every Saturday morning at the huge public library. I read books there, chose another dozen or so, and came home to devour the pile. She let me browse and choose on my own from the children’s section.

2. I was an introvert. I still am and cherish the time that I get with my books. Reading is a great activity for people who don’t always want to be surrounded with other people.

3. An Aunty in the Bengali community in Knoxville, Tennessee where I lived for almost 4 years, made it a practice of gifting us kids books for birthdays and Christmas. I still have some of those books.

4. My teachers in elementary school gave us silent reading time during the school day. It was my favourite part of the day.

And those reasons are also how I got obsessed about seeing my own writing in book form some day. 😃


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