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Being a Writer and Explaining It Too

Being a writer is awesome, especially when people ask you or your parents what you do. I love the confused looks on people’s faces every time they hear that I write books and other readable stuff. It’s also fun and not annoying anymore when they assume I don’t work at all. Most people like to think of writers as starving artists living off their parents’ / spouse’s money. They don’t realise that writers make an integral part of most industries because without content, where would businesses be, right? Well, here are some answers I’ve given in the past few years to the question: What do you do?

  1. I write books and business documents for corporates. (The word ‘corporates’ really impresses non-creative folks.)
  2. I write and edit marketing collateral for multinational companies. And I write books, of course. (Again, that ‘multinational companies’ bit makes them happy.)
  3. I’m a freelance writer and editor. (That gets me a wide eyed, open mouthed stare.)
  4. I write and edit lots of stuff. (Then they ask what stuff and lose interest when I’m on item no. 2)
  5. I write stories and books and feature articles for magazines. I also edit business documents. (This answer makes them wonder what feature articles are.)

Oh, and for the nosy few who have asked me if I have a real job, these are a few of my answers:

  1. Not a full-time one. I am self-employed. (They take that to mean unemployed.)
  2. I work as a freelancer so I have my own hours. (They don’t believe that is possible.)
  3. Writers work all day and night. You’re either writing or plotting or doing research. Not a fixed hours job. (That translates to fun, crazy person chasing her passion. That can’t be a job.

My parents still haven’t managed to craft the perfect answer. The mother tells people she has no idea what I do and that they should ask me themselves. My father gives a twenty  line reply about every single kind of writing or editing I have done. *SIGH*

2 thoughts on “Being a Writer and Explaining It Too”

  1. Thanks, Sue – this is great! I love your parenthetical statements, because they are 100% right on. Keep writing!

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