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Some Useful Tools for Writers

I own a tablet, a laptop, a desktop and a smart phone. My software is pretty basic too. Even for my book writing, I haven’t used Scrivener or other tools yet. Call me lazy or call me old school, but I’m happy with my Microsoft Office and Google Mail. Still, there are some ‘tools’ that I require to get my work done. Consider the list unconventional if you will.

  • A cat. Because every writer needs one. Why? Check out my recent blog post about it.
  • My Twitter app on my phone. It’s too addictive to use on multiple devices. My group of authors who support and motivate me daily are just a few taps away.
  • A pretty notebook and two pens. These are for taking notes and jotting down sudden brilliant ideas – even if the ideas seem crappy later. The second pen is a backup, in case my youngest cat runs off with one of them.
  • A water bottle. Although I don’t sit in one place for too long as a habit, it’s nice to take sips. Staying hydrated and healthy is important.
  • Facebook is a necessity too even though people can drive you up the wall with photos of every meal and every social gathering with the same 10 people every weekend. My Facebook feed keeps me updated on happenings in the publishing world.
  • The remote for my air-conditioning unit. Kolkata is hot and humid most months of the year. A sweaty writer who has to leave her laptop every 2 hours for a shower isn’t a productive one.
  • A pillow. Because lower back pain can be prevented that way. They even make special orthopedic ones.
  • Almonds. Some people just HAVE TO dig in and eat something when they watch movies. Similarly, I often get hungry/greedy during long writing sessions. A few almonds work well.
  • Instagram app on my phone. Again, too addictive to be on the tablet too. I take breaks looking at my favourite cats and their antics.
  • Several soft toys or stuffed animals (depending on which part of the world you’re in). These provide much inspiration and stories when I am writing something for kids.

My absolutely necessary writing ‘tools’ indeed.


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