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4 Ways to Manage Your Writing Time

We full time writers are familiar with people’s surprised/angry reactions to unanswered calls and our reluctance to leave the desk during our precious writing time. The truth is, most people think working from home means that you have no work schedule to follow. But we should have discipline. Time management can be easy if you stick to some rules.

1) Phone off and social media off when you are getting writing done.    If you expect client calls, silent mode with data off is the way to go. If you have trouble following this rule, keep the phone in another room for a bit. You can always reply to messages later.

2) Lock your door. Nobody should be an exception when you’re writing. Your spouse, parents, household help, cat or dog. The cat or dog can stay if they were in your room already though 😄

3) Follow the To Do List with a vengeance. But don’t just write down short points. Make an excel sheet or draw up a table where you can record your progress if you multi task throughout the week.

4) Keep healthy snacks and water on the desk before you start work. Getting up for food and drink is a great procrastination technique which I used to excel at.

Good luck!






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