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3 Reasons Every Writer Needs a Cat

IMG_0080.JPGI grew up with dogs; dogs in the neighborhood, pet dogs on my mom’s side of the family, and my own beloved late adopted stray who was called Goti. After Goti passed away in 2012, my other family members were not ready to go through the love and loss process with a canine family member again. I took the opportunity to turn myself into a cat lady/cat parent. While I could go on and on for several thousand words about cats, I will let you enjoy your Sunday with a shorter version. Here are some wonderful reasons to adopt a cat from the street/shelter today – especially because I’m going to tell you why writers can benefit from becoming cat parents/slaves.

  1. Cats purr. You know that amazing little sound that comes from within them. It sounds like a soft motor or something is running inside of them. Basically, a purr is a vibratory sound that lets you know that your cat is happy and quite relaxed. Since we writers lead lives of constant stress with the long publishing process, slow writing process and rejections, we need this purring pet. Why? Because research has shown that the purring helps us humans feel less stressed.

2. Cats need cat food and toys. When your cat walks over your laptop or peers at you with those eyes from behind your screen, you know that you should have plenty of food, treats and toys ready. That means that your cat can keep you motivated to keep on writing and hence, earning money and fame because then he/she can get lots of food and attention and toys!

3. Cats teach you to take life easy. We writers can get low when there are phases of too many rejections or when an editor takes too long to reply to a query. In fact, it is tough getting a first draft ready in the first place with all the distractions like social media and life happening around us. But observe your cat from time to time and learn from the example that he or she sets  – yes, you can learn to give a damn about people and stuff too. Shit happens but you and your pet can keep your chin up, take naps, entertain your audience (in your cat’s case the audience is you, in your case it is the readers), and impress the world too.

Now go get a cat. Or two. Or more.

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