Fiction, Human behaviour, Psychology

The Moon and Clouds

It was a yellow moon. Parts of it were covered in darkness though, making her wonder. Her evening walks rarely involved looking at the sky, but today was different. Her mind was in turmoil as she tried to figure out things. She turned to her stray companions and asked, “Do you think that the moon has those days when it doesn’t want to show its face to the world?” A meow was the reply. Then she asked herself, “How does the moon get rid of all those clouds trying to keep it in gloom?” She continued her walk with her feline companions, concluding that some clouds were just meant to stay till they moved on on their own.

2 thoughts on “The Moon and Clouds”

  1. Oh, how I recognize those moony, moony feelings. Trust me the clouds soon go away and you start to feel all over the moon again. Cheer up and cheers for a such a roomful of verse.

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