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Ugly Dia

Dia was excited. Mrs. Das had just made an announcement. The school play festival was coming up and her class would be putting up Cinderella. “I will be Cinderella,” thought Dia. She knew that everybody found her beautiful.

Mrs. Das walked over to the blackboard. “Please raise your hand if you want to try out for the role of Cinderella,” she instructed. Dia looked around. The other girls knew that they didn’t stand a chance. Mrs. Das was always praising her. Whenever Dia dressed in pink, she would say, “You are looking like an angel, child. You’re so fair.”

Dia raised her hand. She knew there would be no competition. She would be Cinderella. Suddenly, she noticed something. Maya had raised her hand too. She looked nervous. Still, her hand was up high. Mrs. Das wrote their names on the board and asked the class to raise hands for the other parts. Dia did not hear anything. “How could Maya want to be Cinderella? She was so dark!”

The next day, Dia, Maya and their classmates, were supposed to act out the parts that they wanted. Three boys wanted to be Prince Charming. Raj got the part. When everybody clapped, he said, “I hope that ugly Maya isn’t Cinderella!”

Maya ran to the bathroom to cry. After she sobbed to her heart’s content, she made a decision and wiped her eyes, heading back to the classroom. Dia was at the centre. The whole class was clapping loudly.

“Maya, come say your lines,” the teacher called her. Maya looked down at her feet. She replied, “Ma’am, I don’t want to try out for this part. May I please try out for the evil stepmother’s role?”

Dia jumped up from her seat. “I’m Cinderella! I’m Cinderella!” Raj was happy too.So, Maya tried out for the stepmother’s part. All of her classmates voted for her. One of them said, “She’s the perfect evil stepmother because she’s so dark and mean looking.”

On the day of the play, the parents came to school field where a stage had been set up. Many grandparents came too. Dia’s parents sat in the front row. “That’s my daughter,” her father pointed out proudly to the parents seated next to him.

Halfway through the play, Dia had just come to stage wearing her white gown. She wore shiny silver shoes and a silver bow in her hair. Shreya was with her. She was the sweet, round, Fairy Godmother. Shreya started singing Bibbidi Bobbode Boo but was interrupted by a shout in the audience. “Get out,” a parent said angrily. Shreya stopped singing. The person being shouted at was a poor girl in rags.

Dia was upset. Her play was ruined. She jumped off the stage to tell the girl to leave. “How dare you come here? You are so ugly!” The little girl, who was Dia’s age, burst into tears. The other children came running. Maya walked over to the poor girl and put an arm around her. She said, “Stop being rude. She only wants to watch our play.”

Dia frowned. She said, “Maya, she looks like you. That’s why you are fighting for her.” Then she added, “Black and ugly girls.”

This time Maya didn’t cry. Instead, she took the girl to a chair. She asked all the parents to sit down. “Dia, the play must go on.” Dia followed her because the others looked too embarrassed to even stand near her. “What a mean child,” said one parent. Dia’s father did not sit in the front row this time. He was not feeling proud anymore. The mothers did not praise her after the show. Everybody had forgotten that she had skin like snow.

The evil, dark stepmother was not ugly at all. She was wonderful.

First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group publication)

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