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Vrinda’s Gift – Part II

The next day, Vrinda wanted to take her precious gift to school. Her mother said no. “You can come home and use it again,” she told her. But Vrinda wanted to show her friends the camera. “I want to take pictures of Meghna and Nandini,” she explained.
Her father suggested that she invite her friends over to visit. Vrinda agreed.
So that Saturday, Meghna and Nandini came over with their mothers. Vrinda’s mother made Chinese food for them. She also made a chocolate cake. When her friends came over, Vrinda immediately clicked pictures of them. Then she asked them to sit by Chiki and took pictures again. “Say cheese!”
The mothers got busy talking about school and the gloomy monsoon weather. Nandini thought the camera was better than her mother’s phone camera. “Your pictures are so bright,” she exclaimed.
Meghna said they should go to the garden and take pictures of flowers. The rain had stopped for a bit, so they did just that. They found some curious crows who posed gladly for pictures.
Then it was time to eat. Vrinda and the others sat around the dining table, while their mothers served them. When Nandini was about to put her fork in the food, Vrinda shouted out: Wait!
Everybody looked confused.
Then they found out why Vrinda had said that. She wanted to take pictures of the food. Nandini was annoyed. She was hungry. Still, she waited while her friend clicked picture after picture from different angles. Meghna thought Vrinda was too crazy about her gift.
“You haven’t opened all your gifts,” she pointed out. Vrinda replied by taking a picture of her. “Hey! My mouth was wide open in that picture because I was talking,” frowned Meghna.
Finally, Vrinda’s mother told her to put the camera away and let everybody eat in peace.
After their meal, Vrinda took her friends to her grandma’s room. Grandma loved telling stories. She hugged them all and started telling them the story about the time she had cooked lunch for 50 people. “Did you take pictures?” Vrinda asked her with the hope that she would say yes.
“There were hardly any cameras in those days, child,” her grandma replied.
Then she continued her story as Vrinda’s mind wandered. “Life without cameras…” She hugged her camera close. Then she had an idea. But she would need her parents’ help.
That evening, she told her parents that she wanted to make a collage of photos for her grandma.
“We can put pictures of her and pictures of all of us with her over the years,” Vrinda explained.
“Daddy has taken many pictures. I have taken a few too,” she added.
Her parents thought it was a great idea. They agreed to put together the collage. They sent grandma to Ruby Aunty’s house. “Aunty is missing you,” Vrinda told her.
The moment she left the house, they got into action. They took out albums and selected photographs. Then they pasted them onto a big piece of cardboard. Vrinda decorated it with glitter. Vrinda was excited. Grandma would love it.
When grandma saw the collage in her room, she shrieked with delight. “Who did this?” She was almost jumping with joy.
“Vrinda,” said her father. Grandma hugged Vrinda tightly and mommy took a picture with her camera.

First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group publication)

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