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Greedy Giri – Part I

Giri was a great chef. Whenever he wasn’t in school or doing his homework, he would be in the kitchen. 
“Mummy, you have taught me how to make so many things,” Giri would say. “But hardly any sweet things. Please show me how to make a cake.”
His mother agreed. “Tomorrow, you shall learn to bake a chocolate cake. But your father or I will help you use the oven since it becomes too hot.” Giri was excited. Debolina and Arun would be proud of their friend.
The next day, Giri was ready with his apron on. Mummy came in. She placed a large bowl and a funny looking spoon in front of Giri. “Alright, we’ll mix flour, water, sugar and a few other things in this bowl.” So they mixed and mixed. Giri stirred until his hands hurt. “Mummy, how much longer do I need to stir,” he asked with a frown. 
“Keep on stirring until you see no more lumps in the batter,” she instructed. Giri continued stirring as fast as he could. 
After the oven was pre-heated, Mummy put the batter into a tray and straight into the oven. Giri wanted to put the tray in himself. “No, you may burn your fingers. Wait until you’re a bit older,” said Papa, who had joined them. So Giri watched his mother put on her big red glove and place the tray inside. Then she turned a knob. 
Giri’s parents went to watch television while he waited to see the cake. He pushed his nose onto the oven door. “The things we mixed are rising up,” he observed. Twenty minutes later, the cake was ready. “It will take some time to cool, Giri,” his father told him when he reached out. Giri said he would wait at the table, in front of the cake.
When it was almost dinner time, his mother entered the room. She smiled at Giri. “Here, let me cut a piece for you.” She brought over a knife and cut him a big piece. It was in Giri’s stomach before it could touch the plate. “More please,” he asked. His mother gave him another big slice. “Now it is dinner time,” she said, putting the cake away.
Giri ate dinner with some trouble — he was full from eating too much cake. He knew that his parents would not like him wasting food, so he ate. Broccoli and carrots tasted horrible after the wonderful cake. 
When Giri went to bed that night, he had a dream of chocolate cake. In his dream, he saw his friends Arun and Debolina coming home for a visit. They were playing a game of snakes and ladders when Giri wanted to bake a cake. He and his friends ran to the kitchen. They made a cake — without anybody’s help. Then they ate it too.
The next day, Giri woke up with an idea. He would make his dream come true. “Mummy, may I invite Arun and Debolina over this afternoon,” he asked. “Yes, go ahead,” she replied. “What will you be making for them today, Giri?”
Giri smiled wide. “Chocolate cake,” he replied. So Giri baked a chocolate cake with his mother and waited for it to cool just like he had the day before. He waited and waited. Then he noticed the clock. His friends were late! 
The cake was already cool enough to eat. Giri’s mother had left the knife next to it. “Maybe if I have just one piece before they arrive…,” Giri wondered out loud. Then he cut a slice. He chewed once. Then he swallowed. “One more slice won’t hurt,” he decided. 
Suddenly, Arun and Debolina came into the room. “Giri!” They both shouted together. The cake was almost finished. “There’s almost no cake left for us!” Debolina was angry. Arun said, “It is alright. You can make us another one next time. Let’s play with skipping ropes today.” Giri’s face was red. Still, he followed them outside with his skipping rope. Mummy was not happy. 
First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group Publication)

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