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Furball of Love

She had remembered to turn on the lights, even though it was still daylight then. The food and water bowls were filled to the brim. “Alright, don’t be scared. Take a long nap,” she told her. Sad eyes stared back as if to say, “Do you really have to go out?” Separation anxiety started even before the separation took place. Her timer started ticking the moment she stepped out the door. Groceries and errands followed one after another. Racing against the silent ticking, she got home sooner than calculated. It was worth it when the little one said hello by rolling around on her feet, purring as if she’d been gone for days.

4 thoughts on “Furball of Love”

  1. aww! i am all toooo familiar with this, every time i go out i am always thing of what is happening at home to my little one. wish i could just take him out with me 🙂

    1. Yes 🙂 And that adorable yawn or two or three when they wake up and see you. Followed by the looong stretch.

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