A New Doll for Megha – Part III

When Kobu saw her gift, she clapped happily. Megha was happy too. Laddu was happy as well. Kobu put on the teeshirt immediately, twirling round and round. Megha wished she had the sparkle eyes doll so she could twirl around too.

“It’s been a long time. Mother and Father should get me the doll,” she thought with a frown.

Kobu stopped dancing and asked “What is wrong?” Megha told her about the sparkle eyes doll. She said her birthday had been ruined. Kobu listened silently, while Laddu licked his paws. Kobu’s mother was sitting by her, sewing a torn dress. She did this to earn money for food.

“Yesterday, I had a warm roti,” Kobu told Megha. “My mother worked very hard,” she added proudly.

Megha’s mouth opened wide. “One warm roti!”

At home, her cook maid a stack of rotis every evening. Now she felt bad. She felt very bad. “I shouldn’t have talked about the doll,” she scolded herself. She said bye and left.

Later that day at home, Megha felt worse. She shouldn’t have behaved so badly about the sparkle eyed doll. Mother and Father had given her a very nice doll instead. Megha went to the living room where her parents were watching television. She put herself on Father’s lap. “I’m so sorry!” She cried loudly, while her mother stroked her hair and waited for the tears to stop.

“Why are you sorry?” Her parents looked confused.

“You gave me such a pretty doll but I still wanted the sparkle eyes one,” sniffled Megha. “And poor Kobu doesn’t even get rotis every day but she never complains!”

Mother said she could take warm rotis to Kobu, Laddu, and her family every day. Megha hugged her tightly. “I love my doll. I don’t want the sparkle eyes doll anymore,” she announced.

When Megha arrived outside the park gate, the rotis were still warm. She handed them to Kobu’s mother, who smiled a big thank you. Kobu grabbed a roti and started chewing while Megha watched. She said she would come visit later. “We are going to visit my grandparents tomorrow. I will see you day after tomorrow,” Megha told Kobu. Kobu gulped down her roti and said, “Wait!”

Megha waited. Kobu brought something out from her mother’s small pile of belongings. A second later, Megha found a beautiful doll in her hands! The doll was wearing a blue ghagra and red blouse. It had a red and golden veil on its head.

“Look at its eyes,” said Kobu. Megha looked and saw two big, shiny black beads staring at her. “Ma made it from her scraps of cloth,” said her friend.

“This is even better than the sparkle eyes doll!” shouted Megha.

Megha and Kobu and Laddu spent the afternoon playing with the doll. Megha had the best doll in the world!


First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group publication)


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