A New Doll for Megha – Part II

She saw a homeless family sitting together, watching the little girl play with a brown dog. Megha watched as the girl and the dog danced around, paws and hands together. She watched the girl share half her biscuit with the dog. She even joined in the laughter when the dog, who was being called Laddu, rolled over onto his back and wiggled his body from side to side. “He’s even cuter than Lucifer,” she thought.

Suddenly, Laddu ran over to meet Megha. The girl came too. While Laddu sniffed Megha, she asked the other girl her name. “I’m Kobu,” she said. “I live here.” She pointed at the homeless family sitting a few inches away. Megha was shocked. She had never talked to a homeless person before. She quickly left after waving goodbye.

Two days later, Megha went to the park again with Mother and Father. “Where’s Laddu?” She wondered and wondered.  There were still no cats, only the birds. She was still sad that her parents did not get the sparkly eyes doll on her birthday, but the thought of Laddu and the laughing girl, filled her with happiness.

A few minutes later, Megha visited Laddu and Kobu. Kobu was sharing a sweet with Laddu. “He likes sweets?” Kobu smiled. “It’s my birthday today so he has to,” she said.

“Oh! Happy birthday!” Kobu offered Megha her half of the sweet, while Laddu gulped down the other half. “Thank you,” Megha said and went back to Mother and Father. On the way home, she told her parents about Kobu and Laddu. She told them it was Kobu’s birthday and that she was given some sweet too.

“Megha, what gift will you give your new friend?” asked Mother sweetly.

Father said, “You could give her whole family blankets for the winter.”

Mother said no. “It is Kobu’s birthday. She must get a special gift,” she answered.

“But what?” Megha thought and thought all day. Finally, she decided to buy a T-shirt for Kobu. “Her frock has holes, Mother,” she said sadly.

First published in TeleKids (An ABP publication)


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