A New Doll for Megha – Part I

The birthday party had ended one hour ago. Megha was miserable. “All I asked for was the sparkly eyes doll and some books,” she said angrily to her parents. “

“Megha, the sparkly eyes doll wasn’’t at the store. They said we’’d have to wait until next week,” explained her father for the third time.

Megha’’s mother came and sat by her, carrying the new doll in her lap. “”Look, Megha. This doesn’’t sparkle, but it has beautiful long hair that you can comb every day,”” she said.

Megha looked at the doll and said she didn’’t like it. Her parents looked at each other and shook their heads sadly. Megha stomped off to her room, three new story books in her arms.

The next morning, Mother, Father and Megha went to the park. It was sunny so many people had gathered in the small area. Most of the neighbours were busy drinking tea or nimbu pani from the trolley pushed around by a friendly boy called Shombu. Shombu loved being the centre of attention and the neighbourhood ladies jumped at the chance to gather information about each other from him. “So you really saw Mrs Raut without her fake teeth!” Shombu replied, “Yes, aunty. She was singing toothless too!”

Megha did not enjoy being at the park. The other children were mean to her. Sree called her spoilt. Ashim laughed at her too curly hair, knowing
how much it bothered her that she couldn’’t tie a nice ponytail like the other girls. So,when Megha went to the park, she carried a book with her.

Today, Mother and Father had woken her up too late. They had hurried to the park soon after breakfast, making Megha forget her book. She even forgot to comb her messy, tangled hair.

““Megha! You didn’t even try to comb your hair,”” said her mother. “”I thought you always combed it,”” Megha replied.

Mother opened her mouth to say something but stopped herself when she saw Sree’’s mother coming.

Megha decided to walk around and look for cats. She loved cats ever since the day she watched Cinderella. “Everybody thinks Lucifer is a mean
cat. I think he’s cute,” she told her parents.

One walk around the park left Megha bored. The noisy crows and little sparrows could never be as interesting as a big, naughty cat.

Just as she was about to lose hope and settle down on a bench, she noticed a child laughing and jumping, right outside the park gates. Megha
walked over to see what was so funny.

First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group publication)


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