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Starring Rini Ray – Part III

Rini went to her room and heard thunder outside. It reminded her of the song These are  a  few  of my favourite things, that was sung during a rainy night in the Sound of Music. She ran into her brothers’’ room and started singing before they could say anything. When her song ended,
she found two pairs of admiring eyes watching her. “”You will get to be Maria,”” they both said at the same time. Rini hugged them tightly.

The next day at school, Rini was nervous. Some classes were cancelled for the audition. The younger children were allowed to come and watch, so Avik and Raj would be there too. Rini was singing all the Sound of Music songs in her head all day. During history class, she accidentally let
a line slip out of her mouth, making her classmates laugh. The teacher was not happy. Rini almost hid under her desk. Vivek shook his head at her.

At the audition, Rini saw her teachers sitting in one row, facing the small stage in the school auditorium. “”We will start with auditions for the role of the VonTrapp children,”” announced Mr Sen. Rini became more nervous.
She would have to wait for a long time for her turn. It was difficult to stay in her seat and watch the others while she tried to sing the songs in her head. Just when she mixed up the lines from two songs, somebody came and whispered in her ear. “”Stop singing in your head.”” It was Avik. He went
back to his seat. Rini listened to her little brother. She stared at the others on stage until Mr Sen announced, “”Those who wish to try out for the role of Maria, please go on stage.”” Rini walked to the stage behind four others,
no longer scared. She was ready.

When it was Rini’’s turn, Mr Sen asked her to sing and enact the Favourite Things song. ““I sang that last night,”” thought Rini. She closed her eyes for a second, and started singing aloud. Her head stopped hurting —from so much singing that had gone on inside it all day. She danced around the stage as if the other characters from the scene were there with her. Rini did not realise that she was done until she heard the clapping. She looked out into the audience and saw a hundred pairs of eyes looking back at her with appreciation. Amidst the sea of faces, she found her little brothers clapping the loudest and jumping up and down like bouncy springs. Mr Sen interrupted her thoughts. “”We’’ve found our Maria,”” he declared. Rini was ready to sing on stage.


First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group publication)

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