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Starring Rini Ray – Part II

“Where did you get these,” they asked. Rini’s brothers were surprised. The new clothes looked familiar to them. “Please wear them and let’s go,” Rini said, wearing her own curtain “dress”. She asked her brothers to wear jackets. “But it isn’t cold outside,” they protested. Rini didn’t want Mother to see. “Please wear your jackets. Please,” Rini asked again.

Ten minutes later, Rini and her brothers left for the park, all in their new curtain clothes. The park was nearby and the sun was out, so Avik and Raj were happy to get a chance to run around outside. When they reached the park, Rini told them that they could take off their jackets. As they sat on their big bed sheet, Rini noticed how they looked. “This is not how the clothes looked in the Sound of Music,” she thought sadly. The boys’ teeshirts had no sleeves. They looked like very large skirts with big holes where the arms should be. Her dress looked the same.

The brothers asked for their food, so they ate what Mother had packed. As soon as the meal was done, Rini announced that they would sing a song. Avik and Raj looked at each other and giggled. So Rini sang Do Re Me, and so did her brothers. Afterwards, Rini said they should hang from trees. “You are acting different,” Raj told Rini. Rini said she wanted to see how koalas hang from trees. The boys laughed and followed her to the trees.

After an hour of hanging from trees, tearing their new curtain clothes on branches, and losing the big bag that had all the unfinished food, Rini and her brothers walked home. Rini was scared. “Hopefully Mother won’t open the door. Father should be home by now.”

Mother opened the door. She looked very angry. “My curtains!” Mother looked like she had seen a ghost. “Rini, you made clothes with my curtains!” Avik and Raj were hiding in their room. Their mother rarely spoke so loudly. Rini looked down at her toes and told Mother about the Sound of Music auditions the next day. “There’s a part in the movie where Maria makes the children and herself clothes from her room curtains,” she explained. Mother started to laugh. “Rini, it is a musical. Practise singing the songs. Surely, they won’t ask you to cut and make clothes at the audition,” she said.

First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group publication)

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