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Starring Rini Ray – Part I

“Sound of Music? Did Ms Banerjee just say Sound of Music,” Rini asked her friend, Vivek. Their class teacher had just announced the annual play’s title, and Rini couldn’t believe that it was her favourite movie. Vivek nodded his head up and down three times to reassure her. “Rini, your ears are fine,” he said with a smile.

Rini didn’t hear him. She didn’t notice anything else happening in the room because of her excitement, until Ms Banerjee said the words “auditions will take place…” “Vivek! Did Ms Banerjee just say that auditions are day after tomorrow?” Rini repeated her question twice to her annoyed friend. “Yes, Rini, yes,” Vivek replied, rolling his eyes at her.

That afternoon when Rini got home, she quickly finished her glass of milk and sandwich, and settled down in front of the TV to watch her Sound of Music video. Mother finished her tea and joined her on the sofa. She noticed that Rini had a pen and notebook in her lap. Every few minutes, Rini would scribble words on the pad, appearing to be deep in thought. Mother asked curiously, “Are you doing your homework?” Rini shook her head, her eyes and ears glued to the TV screen.

The next day was a holiday, and Rini had plans to practise for the audition. She asked her little brothers, Avik and Raj, to be ready for a picnic that afternoon. “Why are we going on a picnic all of a sudden?” The brothers were confused. Rini usually stayed home and read books on holidays. “I want to teach you a song,” she replied. Her brothers agreed and Mother prepared their picnic lunch for them. She packed chicken sandwiches, macaroni salad, apples, and juice, into a big bag that Rini, Avik, and Raj, could take turns carrying to the park.

Meanwhile, Rini was busy getting ready for the picnic. She pulled up a chair near her window, and reached up to touch the curtains. “They are heavy, but I have to use them,” she thought to herself. She tried to get the curtains off their hooks. She pulled and pulled, but the curtains didn’t fall off. Finally, she decided to cut off what she needed with Father’s big scissors. An hour later, Rini had new clothes ready for herself and her brothers – all from the curtains! She took the “T-shirts” to Avik and Raj.

First published in TeleKids (An ABP Group publication)


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