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Brown Boy and Deer Find a Home

There was a little girl called Sheena, who lived with her mother and father. Sheena loved to play with her soft toys and pastels. Every day, she would take out her drawing pad and draw animals. She drew cats. She drew dogs. Sometimes she drew mice. She even drew penguins. When Father came home in the evening, she would give him the pad and wait. Mother would sit by Father and say, “My little Sheena, the cat is so cute.” Father would say, “I like the dog the most.”

One evening Mother surprised her. “Sheena, I just saw a dog like the one that you have drawn today!” Father looked at Mother and said, “Yes, I just saw a puppy in our neighbourhood. It is brown and white and has big pointy ears like a wolf.” Sheena clapped with joy. “I want to see it,” Sheena shouted excitedly. Mother helped Sheena put her shoes on and took her outside to see the puppy.

When they reached the back of their house, Mother asked Sheena to wait. Surprise! She was holding a brown and white puppy – just like the one that Sheena had drawn! “I want to hold him,” said Sheena. Mother placed the puppy into Sheena’s arms. Sheena was in for a surprise. A bigger dog came over and started sniffing her skirt. It was the puppy’s mother. Mother patted her head and gave her and the little one some milk and biscuits. They wagged their tails happily. Sheena watched happily. Then Mother said it was time to go home. But Sheena didn’t want to leave. She had already named the puppy Brown Boy. Mother had named Brown Boy’s mother. She called her Deer because of her beautiful eyes and brown fur with little white spots. “We will come and see them again,” said Mother. Sheena gave Brown Boy and Deer one last hug and took Mother’s hand.

The next day, Sheena and Mother went to visit Brown Boy and Deer with some dinner. Deer was all alone! Sheena started crying. “Brown Boy is gone,” she cried. Mother went from house to house and garden to garden calling Brown Boy, Brown Boy! Sheena asked Deer, “Where is your son?” Deer looked back with sad eyes. Sheena and Mother fed Deer and went back home. Mother, Father and Sheena did not sleep all night. In the morning, the doorbell rang. It was Minu. Minu looked after Sheena when Mother and Father were out. “There is a puppy outside. He seems to be sick,” she told them. Sheena, Father and Mother went running outside. Brown Boy was in the middle of the road. He was not moving. He did not even wag his tail when Sheena ran to hold him. Father said, “I will call the vet.” Mother took Brown Boy inside and kept him on a big piece of cloth. Poor Brown Boy did not move. Sheena cried. She was scared.

The vet came and gave Brown Boy medicine. He said that he would come and give medicines for three days. Mother and Father thanked him. Sheena spent those three days with Brown Boy. She slept by him. She patted his face. She held his soft paws. Brown Boy hardly moved. After the vet’s third visit, Brown Boy suddenly kicked his legs. He even looked at Sheena and Mother and tried to bark. Father was scared of dogs. He stood nearby. He looked happy. Brown Boy went back outside to Deer. Deer was very happy. They rubbed their noses against each other. They wagged their tails from side to side. Brown Boy could bark again!

Sheena was sad. She would miss Brown Boy. Mother and Sheena went out to feed Deer and Brown Boy the next day. But Sheena still missed him. She wanted to watch him run around in his sleep. She wanted to pet him all the time. One evening on their way back from the park, Sheena and Mother could not find Brown Boy again. Deer was missing too! Sheena looked and looked. Mother looked and looked. They were not there. Both very sad, they went home with the food still in the bowls.

When Sheena got home, she got a surprise from Father. Brown Boy and Deer were sitting in the living room – all cleaned up by Minu and wearing new collars too! Father stood right next to them. He rubbed Brown Boy’s head. Sheena asked, “Can they really stay with us, Father?” Father said, “Yes. This is their home now.” Sheena hugged her father tightly.

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