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Rimi, Monkey, & Goat – A tiny story for kids

In the city of Kolkata, lived a little girl called Rimi. Rimi was always happy, because she had her friend Goat.

Goat knew Rimi from the day he was born outside on the sidewalk. He waited for her every morning and evening. “Biscuits for my Goat,” Rimi would say. She carried a packet of milk biscuits in her schoolbag.

One day, Goat became ill. Rimi and her parents brought him home and called the doctor. Rimi cried. Goat did not eat his biscuits.

The next day, Goat asked Rimi for his biscuits. He stood up on her lap and pushed his round nose against her pocket. Rimi laughed happily.

Goat never left Rimi. Mother tried to take Goat back to the sidewalk, but he followed her back.

Finally, Father said, “Enough already! Goat will stay with us.” Rimi hugged Father and ran to hug Goat.

The new family member returned her hug with his wagging tail. He wagged back-and-forth, back-and-forth, knocking over books and a glass of water.

Rimi and Mother gave Goat a bath. Goat turned his head up and refused to smile. He did not like getting wet.

That night, Rimi did not sleep. She looked over her bed at Goat, who was running in his dreams. His arms and legs were moving about. “He is probably chasing a cat,” said Father. Rimi wondered what kind of cat her new friend was dreaming about.

The next morning, Goat woke everybody up with a loud bark. Mother, Father, and Rimi, ran to Goat. “What’s wrong, my Goat?” Rimi was worried. Goat led them to the door.

“Wait, let me open the door,” said Father. Rimi, Mother, and Goat stood close together behind Father.

When the door was opened, they got a surprise. There was an orange and white cat trying to say something to them. He said, “Meow. Meow. Meeow.”

Father pulled the gate shut so that Goat would not run after the visitor. Mother brought a bowl of milk for him.

Goat stuck his nose through the gate and stared at the cat. The cat did not look at him. He was busy drinking milk.

The next day, the cat came again. “Monkey is here,” shouted Rimi. “Monkey,” asked Mother. “The cat,” replied Rimi. Rimi thought that the cat looked like a Monkey. Just like she thought Goat looked like a goat.

Father opened the door. They waited for Monkey to come in. Nobody was at the door! Rimi was sad.

Father went to work and Mother went to the kitchen. Rimi sat down to eat. Goat sat by her feet, eating his own toast.

Suddenly, Mother screamed loudly. Rimi and Goat went running to the kitchen.

Mother was laughing by then. Monkey was sleeping in an open cupboard – on a long, big plate.

Goat wanted to sniff Monkey. Monkey felt a nose on his tail and jumped up. Rimi patted Goat on the head and said, “My Goat, don’t scare little Monkey. He’s much smaller than you.”

Goat understood. He stretched himself. Then he sat down in front of the cupboard, looking at Monkey. Monkey stared back with big green eyes. Rimi and Mother watched Goat and Monkey.

“Rimi, I have to go to the shop. Please look after them until I return,” Mother said.

Rimi was tired. She yawned and said yes. “Goat is sleeping. Monkey is sleeping. I can sleep too,” she thought.

Rimi went to her bed. She was fast asleep when Mother called. “Rimi, are Goat and Monkey alright?” Rimi had forgotten! She ran to the kitchen.

Goat and Monkey were still sleeping, but they were in different places. Goat was dreaming on the kitchen rug. His new friend, Monkey was sleeping next to him, his tiny paws resting on Goat’s tummy.

Rimi yawned and fell asleep next to them, where Mother found them all soon after. scan0001 scan0002 scan0003

6 thoughts on “Rimi, Monkey, & Goat – A tiny story for kids”

  1. Very sweet. I can imagine it illustrated. My kids would love this story. They’re always asking me to write stories for them but I can’t seem to get the level right for small children.

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