Canine, Children, Death, Destiny, Fiction, Love, Poetry

Bleeding for You

My heart burns painfully.
My soul screams and cries.
Every second is devoted to you.
Each ounce of thought for you.
My feet step with dread.
My hands grip each other.
I see the past in ugly blues.
The future shines dull.
My love has taken over.
You are all to me.

4 thoughts on “Bleeding for You”

    1. Going for what? My sadness is mostly about the injustice faced by animals, especially stray dogs and cats. The poem also mentions the anxety and fear that I feel with each step I take when I go to feed some of the canine kids I interact with. Will I see him or her? Will I be told that he or she was killed by a vehicle or poison? These thoughts translated into my poem.

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