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Her New Shoes

They looked too old. The color was almost gone. Her small, eager hands inspected the shoes from heel to toe. “Be happy,” said the mother. “I could never buy you any shoes at all. These are so pretty,” she said, and left for the next house. The child’s eyes remained unblinking with gratitude, as she put the once purple shoes on her cracked, dirty feet. People passing by missed the sight of happiness, while the little girl twirled around in her ‘new’ shoes.

4 thoughts on “Her New Shoes”

  1. So poignant….true, we don’t realise how much we have and keep cribbing about every small thing. At some point, we should also be grateful for all the little blessings we have 🙂

  2. This left me with a feeling of happiness for the girl, and of sadness as well. For some reason, it made me think of children (or adults) who bully those that go without, or don’t have everything that everyone has. They really don’t know the “whole” story.

    1. I try to do what I can for homeless people and homeless animals here in Kolkata, India. But unfortunately, most people seem to hate them. Being homeless; being poor, it all seems to translate to ‘disgusting’. And that disgusts me.

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