Live and Love

Just over 2 weeks ago, I lost somebody who was the centre of my existence. We adopted Goti (canine child) from the street over a decade ago, and life with him was a wonderful journey. He grew up with us, battled tumors, cancer, and the agiing process with us until he couldn’t fight anymore. We had to euthanise him. The house seems empty and I’m missing my long nights with Goti, when I would lie next to him and hug him, cry because I knew time was short, and give him biscuits when he demanded them. I loved taking care of him.

With Goti’s death, my favourite aunt’s death in 2010, and the frequent deaths of my beloved homeless dogs and others around me, my heart has become a cold structure of rock – on most days at least. My rebellious nature kept me in a war with the inevitable Death for a few years. A part of me thought I could fight off the death of my loved ones. I was fooling myself. Now I know that my existing loved ones WILL go. And when they go, and in whatever way, I will have to say – everybody dies. Okay, that last line made me feel like I’ve lost to Death. Ugh. Well, I guess I can just do one thing: live and love like there’s no tomorrow.