Cool Cat

He was at the door and ready to leave. It didn’t matter that he had not been home all day and all of the previous night. Plus, the humming sound of the air conditioner annoyed him. When the human he assumed to be his mommy, patted the divan and asked him to please take a nap at home, he decided to investigate. A few looks of disapproval were followed by some sniffs of the air. “I guess I should enjoy the cool breeze,” he thought, and curled himself into a loose ball. And then there was snoring.

Easter Fun

The 1.75 year old child munched on mini cupcakes while the adults sipped their tea. It was Easter weekend, so there were marzipan bunnies too. When the bill arrived at their table, the little one was not ready to go home. She had sighted the table top full of beautifully crafted easter eggs. A moment later, she was up on the table, pounding her fists and demanding that they serve her the ‘balls’. As she ran around the cafe shouting for the delicacy, her aunt found herself wondering if the manager would let her in again.

My Latest Short Story

Friends in India: The current issue of The Children’s Magazine has a story by me. It is called What Will Deepali Do? My name is incorrectly spelled on the cover, in the magazine and on the cheque that they sent me, but it is by me. In fact, you will see my photograph on the cover.


My Pigeon Children

She watched them fighting over grains of wheat. There were others waiting on a window ledge, waiting for their turn according to established hierarchy. Outside what had been a box for an air conditioner, sat the one who preferred to be alone. The others thought he was odd, but he laughed at their narrow minded wisdom when he spread his wings and relaxed all day and night. She saw the others huddled together when sunset began, in the exact same places, including the daring one whose designated place was on the edge.

Furball of Love

She had remembered to turn on the lights, even though it was still daylight then. The food and water bowls were filled to the brim. “Alright, don’t be scared. Take a long nap,” she told her. Sad eyes stared back as if to say, “Do you really have to go out?” Separation anxiety started even before the separation took place. Her timer started ticking the moment she stepped out the door. Groceries and errands followed one after another. Racing against the silent ticking, she got home sooner than calculated. It was worth it when the little one said hello by rolling around on her feet, purring as if she’d been gone for days.