To Read or to Write

She knew it was wrong. Yet, she went ahead. Her mind was in turmoil. But she couldn’t stop. The deadline didn’t matter. Blank pages seemed irrelevant. All she could do is read. All that she couldn’t do was to put down the book. “I really should write a 1000 words every day,” she told herself. But the last words were written days ago. She knew she was being bad. “How can this be bad for me when I’m enjoying it so much?” She asked herself and promised to write tomorrow.

Counting Lipsticks

“How many lipsticks does a girl need?” He made the error of asking her. She stopped admiring her collection and looked up with wide eyes. Her angry fingers zipped up the bag before she replied. “What kind of question is that?” He waited for more harsh toned words to come out. But all she said was: It’s like asking you how many watches does a guy need? He realised she was right.

With Kitty

She curved her fingers around his little paw, smiling into his serious looking face. The pinkish nose didn’t move like it would have if he was a dog. But the small pointy ears made a short movement. “Are you happy to see me?” The girl asked with hope undisguised in her voice. The object of her affection purred on like a running motor. He brought out a tiny tongue – and licked her hand. They stared at each other. He let her know that cats lick too.

A Book Party

“Can we go buy a book today, Mom?” His eyes were full of hope. He had asked for a cat book for his birthday. “But your birthday isn’t until next week,” replied his mother. The child’s shoulders slumped in disappointment and he went to his room. An hour later, when she went in to call him for dinner, she found him surrounded by his books. The shelves were empty. When she asked him what on earth he was doing, he grinned. “This is my book party!” The adult laughed. Their dinner went cold as she read out his favourite books to him.